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"Visiting Siduri's (and Novy) production facility is a singular experience Secreted away in an industrial park in the humble town of Santa Rosa, the warehouse-like setting is the furthest you can get from an idyllic vineyard - and that's what makes it such a kick to visit"
Mark Oldman,


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Thanks for your interest in visiting us.

We are a "warehouse winery" which means exactly what it sounds like. We make our wines, both Siduri and Novy Family Wines, in a warehouse facility in Sonoma County. It's low frills, but it allows us to make great quality wine and offer a much more personal tasting experience to our visitors. More often than not Adam, Dianna or both are here -- unless there is vineyard work to be done. When you plan your visit, keep in mind that we like to spend a little time tasting and touring so please allow about an hour.

We look forward to seeing you!
The Novy & Siduri Crew

By Appointment: 7 days per week 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Call: 707-578-3882 or email

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"Some of the most sought-after boutique wines are produced in industrial warehouses. Adam Lee of Siduri Winery is a practical visionary. He doesn't aspire to own an extravagant winery, but rather hopes to build a bigger, better warehouse."

981 Airway Court, Suite E & F |  Santa Rosa, CA 95403  |  (707) 578-3882  |