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Production: 1290

Release Date: April, 2011

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2009 Napa Valley Syrah

The 2009 Novy Napa Valley Syrah is one of our biggest Syrahs….big in terms of weight of the wine and also big in production. Hopefully, those two go successfully, hand-in-hand.

The 2009 was certainly a challenging vintage for Syrah, with rains in mid-October affecting Syrah ripening. Fortunately, a good portion of the Page-Nord Syrah ripened prior to these rains, as we picked what we call the Creekside section of the vineyard on October 13. We held off on the Younger Vines and Bed & Breakfast sections, waiting until October 23 and 24th, respectively, to pick these sections. As is often the case, we fermented a small percentage of this wine in oak, which provides a richer mid-palate. We also co-fermented a small percentage of Viognier with the Syrah, as is done in Cote-Rotie. Ultimately, we decided to declassify the entire Page-Nord Vineyard into the Napa Syrah as it simply made a more complete wine this way.

The 2009 Novy Napa Syrah is an opaque black….with dark, concentrated flavors of plum mocha, and earth. The wine is full and rich, with remarkable concentration and layers of complex flavors. The wine seems incredibly youthful, with tannins still very much in play on the finish. This wine is best served after a couple of hours being open and then with some hearty meat dish.

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