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2009 Rosella's Vineyard Syrah

The 2009 harvest produced one of the smallest Syrah crops ever at the Rosella's vineyard, a mere 1.67 tons per acre. Some of this was naturally occurring, but we also dropped a good bit of crop in hopes of getting the fruit to ripen prior to the winter rains. Our greatest concern was not in sugar ripeness, however, but in making certain that the tannins were sufficiently ripe. This led to some winemaking modifications, including limiting punch-downs, especially late in the fermentation process, in hopes of minimizing tannin extraction. This approach seemed to work well, as Antonio Galloni of the Wine Advocate described the wine as "lovely" and "delicate" (not sure we'd go that far).

Ultimately, we ended up with only 13 barrels of Rosella's Syrah, out of which we selected only 5 barrels for the final wine. These barrels were racked to tank and blended, and then put back into barrel until bottling in May of 2011. As the wine has aged in bottle, it has taken on a good bit more weight and concentration. In fact, at the moment we believe that this is one of our most age -worthy Rosella's Syrahs. Tightly wound, brooding, and more about earthy, peppery flavors at the moment, this Rosella's Syrah needs a few years in the cellar to truly show its best, but should blossom with time into something truly special.

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