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February 2012

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2010 Russian River Valley Viognier

Quite frankly, we love Viognier. There is something so beguiling about the nose, the crisp acidity, and the pure fruit that it is difficult for us to refuse a glass (or two), especially when the weather warms up. We try to capture that lively spirit of the grape in our Viognier by picking fairly ripe fruit (but not over ripe), by fermenting the juice entirely in stainless steel, and by eschewing malolactic fermentation. All of these techniques seem to help preserve the wonderful fruit while retaining the crispness that keeps the wine fresh.

The 2010 Novy Viognier was picked on October 2 and immediately pressed to tank to settle for 24 hours, racked to one larger tank and fermented using a yeast called Melody (which is combination of two different types of yeast). The 2010 vintage was challenging in that two extreme heat spikes pushed the sugars up fairly dramatically but didn't alter the acid...and this led to a somewhat sluggish fermentation. Rather than force the wine to finish thru the adding of water or other manipulation, we chose to let it stop where it stopped, thus the 2010 has just a slight bit of residual sugar in the wine. To help balance this, we chose not to put this wine thru malolactic fermentation thus helping to retain its crisp acidity.

With crisp pear and peach aromas, wonderfully forward and sweet tasting fruit, and a long, crisp finish, this is the perfect wine to serve at the beginning of a meal.

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