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August 2011

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2010 Russian River Zinfandel

Our Novy Russian River Valley Zinfandel has been in high demand for some time now and, in fact, we've been sold out of it for quite a few months now. Thus, it was with great anticipation that we have bottled, and now release, the 2010 version of this wine.

The 2010 Russian River Zinfandel comes from the Elsbree Vineyard….a steep hillside vineyard in the eastern part of the Russian River Valley. The fruit is farmed by hand, with the Elsbree family doing much of the work themselves. For us, this vineyard is very near our home, which gives us the chance to visit it very frequently.

Undoubtedly, what we love best about this wine (and about all of our Russian River Valley Zinfandels) is the superb levels of natural acidity. Zinfandel is almost always a ripe wine, and if it is flabby, this ripeness quickly gets out of hand. But with the great acidity provided by the cooler Russian River growing area, and the complexity originating from these old vines, we believe that our Russian River Valley Zinfandel combines the best of rich, forward fruit, with lively acidity, giving the wine both lift and balance. It also pops the aromatics of the wine, with vibrant aromas of raspberry and blueberries, and flavors of black cherries, sage, and even hints of spice and pepper. While we feel confident this wine will age well, we prefer drinking it sooner for its youthful expression of fruit and exuberance.

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