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May 2011

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2010 Van der Kamp Vineyard Blanc de Pinot Noir

Our Blanc de Pinot Noir has become an unexpected hit. Unexpected not because we didn't think the wine was of high enough quality, but we just didn't honestly know how it would go over. What demand could there possibly be for a white wine made from red grapes. Turns out there is a great deal more than we ever imagined. So much so, that we now make two Blanc de Pinot Noirs.

This wine, from the Van der Kamp Vineyard, is the more limited production offering with only 117 cases produced. The Van der Kamp Blanc de Pinot Noir is a white wine produced from red grapes, 100% Pinot Noir. We produce this wine by picking at relatively low sugars and good levels of acidity. With just a small amount of time on the skins, which gives it a slight orange hue, this wine is the bigger, richer Blanc de Pinot Noir. It is fermented in primarily new French oak barrels and put thru full malolactic fermentation, which gives it a rich, full mouthfeel complimenting its pear and orange flavors.

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