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May 2011

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2010 Willamette Valley Blanc de Pinot Noir

After receiving such a strong reception from our first three vintages we decided to slightly increase production of our wildly popular Blanc de Pinot Noir. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't using the same playbook as we were and the yields were naturally lower in 2010 than in previous vintages, resulting is less wine rather than more. Again, we sourced the majority of this fruit from a section of the Arbre Vert Vineyard, planted to the 115 clone, that tends to lag behind the rest of the vineyard in terms of how it ripens.

Immediately upon arriving at the winery we put the whole clusters into the press and pressed them very gently. The goal was to extract as much good tasting juice from the grapes without pulling out too much color. We placed this juice into one ton bins, let it settle for a day, and then drained it to a combination of stainless steel and older oak barrels. There the wine fermented and was prevented it from going thru malolactic fermentation. We kept it in these vessels until April when we bottled it.

So, what does this unique wine taste like? First off, it is surprisingly, remarkably good. Think sparkling wine without the bubbles. The Blanc de Noir has now become a fan-favorite of our Novy white wines. It possesses some of the mid-palate weight and richness of Chardonnay but with exceptional acidity. In fact, in 2010 it is remarkably lean, reflecting the character of the cooler vintage, with only 11.7 percent alcohol and a pH of 3.2. The nose is exotic with hints of lemon rind and orange fruit. Quite frankly, it smells more like Marsanne or Roussanne but, combined with the weight and fruit flavors, it ultimately is its own uniquely wonderful wine. This is an amazing pairing with sushi, with various seafood dishes, and even with slightly spicy chicken dishes.

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